Month: August 2013

Speaker on Civil War Photography at October 9 dinner meeting

Photographer and historian Susan E. Ellis will speak on Civil War Photography at the next dinner meeting of the Germantown Republican Club, October 9, at 7 p.m. at Chestnut 7 restaurant.

One hundred fifty years ago, the United States was at war.  In July 1863, Philadelphian General George Meade had just successfully driven General Robert E. Lee and his Army of Northern Virginia out of Pennsylvania at Gettysburg.

Most of us can vividly picture both Generals as well as the battlefield at Gettysburg, largely because of the photographic record of the U.S. Civil War. When we think of Civil War photography, the name Mathew Brady usually comes to mind. But Mathew Brady may not have captured a single image in the war. He did put a group of talented studio photographers into the field, who learned as they went along how to adapt to the battlefield photography.

This presentation will examine the work of several Civil War photographers and discuss their photographic work.  In the days when shutter speeds were several seconds long and one exposure required nearly 30 minutes to capture from start to finish, Civil War photographers managed to record one of the pivotal events in American history, creating images that created history. 

Chestnut 7 restaurant is located 8201 Germantown Avenue.  For reservations contact Schuy Wood or email

P.S.  Susan Ellis is also a biologist.  Her photographic passion is bugs.   Check out her websites